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"At times Thieving Lloyd Cole has the feel of a jamboree; kicking and hopping beats which make you want to drink more whiskey and realise the woman that left you just wasn’t worth it.”


Thieving Lloyd Cole are a four piece delta blues band whose music aims to change perceptions of what blues has become in the 21st Century.  This band builds there music so the emotions, excitement,  expression & heartache doesn’t merely come from the usual guitar fret wanking that adorns many a blues band, but in the soulful feel that embraces audiences in every element of their music. The songs come straight from the everyday struggles & hurdles that life lays out for everyone.


“….they roll their way through a set of the best blues this side of the Atlantic. These are songs of heartbreak, regret, lust and the bottle. The guitar in these songs is immense; a real talent with rolling bass lines that never falter, backed by both gruff vocals and a harmonica that sound straight out of New Orleans. ‘Ain’t No Smile on Her Face’ is an epic last track fully outlining the genius behind Thieving Lloyd Cole’s sound. They infuse classic blues with a modern twist…” Stevie J Kilgour – No-TiTLE Music magazine


The band formed in 2010 and since then has been developing their own brand of the blues. They consist of;  


Coley - Harmonica & Vocals

Jonny - Slide  Guitar, Electric Guitar, any guitar all really & Vocals

Graeme - Cajon & Percussion

Thomas - Bass


As well as their own material, Thieving Lloyd Cole have added their own brand of blues to a number well known blues songs in such a way to play homage to its creator aiming to play with the vigour, enthusiasm, & feeling that’s in their hearts. It’s not about copying the notes that these old bluesmen played but about expressing to the audience just how the likes of Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf & other blues greats were feeling they wrote those songs.

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